Somatic therapy to unblock stuck emotions, restore resilience and return to your most powerful self

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Sound familiar?

  • You feel like you always need to be productive then end up burnt out
  • You feel like you just 'lose it' at the smallest things
  • You have big dreams but feel like maybe you're just not good enough
  • You grew up an overachiever or a 'good girl'
  • You feel so much pressure to be perfect you end up feeling anxious and not getting anything done
  • You're constantly reading and know what you SHOULD do and wonder why forcing yourself to "calm down" isn't working 
    • See photo on the right lol 
You feel like something is wrong with you.

It's not your fault queen.

I was there too and wanted to give up so. many. times. 

You don't need to be fixed or make a million changes. We just need to get your body out of survival mode.

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I know you're actually...

Passionate and Driven

You have passions you want to dive into so you can build the life of your dreams and inspire others to do the same.

Feeling Frustrated

Maybe you've tried everything from self help books to 'changing your thoughts' but the more you learn the more frustrated you get. The internet is o-v-e-rwhelming.

Ready to Transform

You're ready for more resilience, creativity and self-compassion with less mental blocks and overwhelm. It's time to reach the potential you KNOW is in there. 

Most of all, you are perfect. 

Hi, I'm Jacquie and... 

I was right where you are. I was a stressed out, perfectionist who had trouble building my dream life because of the hyper critical lens I had on myself. I had chronic pain I couldn't get rid of and I was trying to "fix" myself with breath-work, psychedelics and everything else you can think of. Then I uncovered Polyvagal theory. I learnt my nervous system was wired for danger and it kept me 'safe' by always needing to fix, learn or distract. I needed to focus on building the capacity to be safe in my body BEFORE releasing the limiting beliefs in my mind that were causing my mind to feel unsafe.  Now it's my mission to simplify body based healing, take the pressure and judgement away and allow others to feel safe in their body so they can release pain, build their internal resilience and become the most holistic, lighthearted version of themselves.

I Want to Be Resilient

Let's unleash your...

  • Playfulness
  • Confidence 
  • Boundaries 
  • Resiliency 
  • Creativity 

Your dream life is waiting for you.

I'm Ready for My Consultation

Let's unlock your freedom.


There's a different between KNOWING and FEELING. When we feel like we can set boundaries it is different than thinking we should set boundaries. Most of us never got to create a safe connection with our bodies so we work on building this connection first and everything else becomes easier.


Sometimes our subconscious holds onto painful feelings in our body. Since we're not aware of them, we can't release them. These emotions can change your posture, and create chronic pain. We work with the body to release subconscious trapped emotions and create a more aligned, capable body.


Once the connection is formed we release trapped emotions - this can be in the form of movement, dialogue, or sound work. We work to get to the root cause of your emotions and let go of the old experiences that may be controlling your life today while rewiring the story and nervous system.

Why we're different

I am here to celebrate and cheer you on, that's why we take baby steps. When your nervous system is stuck in survival mode, it doesn't matter how much you want to 'feel your feelings' or get trauma releases, you won't have the capacity to handle those emotions. I want you to feel safe first and everything else falls into place later. We build those foundational blocks to get you connected to your body and environment so that you can healthily process your stressors without shutting down or being flooded with emotions both in session and in real life. 

Resilience is knowing everything affects you and staying present with that truth. 



1:1 Mentorship + Coaching

During your 45 minute session we could 

  • Use pilates, somatic or joint mobility techniques to unlock the stress from your body + let go of 'stress posture' 
  • Use meditation and self hypnosis to build resiliency to stressors and heal boundary ruptures 
  • Squeeze, push, pull, throw, or shake to release and process stressors
    • This all depends on how comfortable you are 
  • Use neurosensory exercises to help you become aware of triggers and survival responses in your body 
  • Use dialogue work to help you talk through stressors and learn to express your inner world 
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