I'm Jacquie,

I help unlock physical and emotional freedom so you can create your dream project and step into their dream life.




I got stuck in purgatory living someone else's purpose.

All I wanted was to work as an actor, but I felt like I wasn't good enough and I would never "make it" 

"Why do I think I can succeed at a job everyone wants? I'm no one." 

So I picked the safe job.

Turns out, I was ok at my safe job so I stuck with it, but I was unhappy. 

I couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling of being called back to acting. The problem was when I'd try, I'd tell myself the same beliefs about not being good enough. I ended up on the same hamster wheel, turning around all the painful thoughts about myself.

Eventually I felt so drained of energy in my safe job that I knew things had to change.

That's when Somatics came into my life.


With Somatics, I learnt to let go of stress and beliefs I was hanging onto in my body and build a real feeling of safety and resilience. Since then I've found my true worth and have acted and produced a movie my little self dreamt about. ('Clementine' is that movie).

Now, I want YOU to feel the same thing.

Somatics has changed my life, and I know it can change yours. 

HOW does Somatics do this (and wtf is it?).

Somatics uses a bottom, up approach (instead of top, down) to connect your mind and body. 

This helps regulate your nervous system, release chronic pain and stress, gain awareness of triggers and rebuild posture.

Have you ever been told something a bunch of times but never fully understood it until you FEEL the understanding? That "ooooooohhhhhhh..." moment?

That's what I want to teach you to feel. Not to think you can be whoever you want to be. To FEEL and KNOW you can choose your path to happiness and step into your dream role. 

Here's the thing - if I can do it, so can you. 

 Let's unblock your body so you can meet yourself and create your life. It's your turn.

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How can you change something that you aren't aware of? We focus on building awareness and observing your triggers. Mindfulness to us means being here with what's here, instead of creating a sense of peace. If you can meet yourself, you can move through those feelings and release.


Emotions are energy. Most of us are stuck in our minds and the stories that go along with our emotions. The problem is that we can't release emotional energy through our minds, but we can through our bodies. We focus on movement both to release trapped emotions and to build alignment and mobility.


Mindset for us doesn't necessarily mean changing your thoughts and emotions. We use mindset to create understanding about what resilience is, how emotions can help us and what we're capable of. This always comes last as we cannot change your mind if we do not release from your body first.

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Learn how stack your body for functional postural alignment so you can lower your stress levels, raise your confidence and get some pain relief.



A system of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen underused muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility


A training system for mobility development, joint strength and body control based on the most recent scientific principals and research.


A holistic system to enhance body awareness and increase your capacity to complete the biological stress responses. (Coming soon)