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Our clients are our family and we love our unique relationships with each one of them. We welcome you to join our tribe and rebalance.

Mary Krozonouski

Mary Krozonouski

Our Director

Mary is truly committed to helping others heal and get well. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Specialist in Seniors Fitness, Functional Aging Specialist and Eden Energy Medicine Therapist.

The mother of two wonderful and beautiful children she feels blessed and honoured to be able to offer her knowledge of healing the body to our clients. Her journey into wellness began 10 years ago when, after some time in Sick Kids Hospital with her son at the age of 13, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

For several years after that, the fear of what his future would hold and her commitment to find a way to heal his body has been her commitment that brings her to this beautiful healing place.

Jacqueline Krozonouski

Jacqueline Krozonouski


As a professional dancer, Jacqueline discovered pilates as a method of healing her many injuries. Once she learned how changing the muscular imbalances in her body could combat her chronic pain, she knew she had to share this with others.

Jacqueline obtained her Mat and Reformer Pilates certifications through the Mindful Movement Centre in Toronto and Balanced Body in Costa Rica.

After apprenticing with an experienced Chiropractor/Pilates instructor, Jacqueline developed a specialty in rehab, focusing on chronic pain.

Jacqueline hopes to instil in her clients that they can feel long, strong and pain free, no matter their age!

Healing Knowledge

Mary wants to offer the knowledge she has learned about healing the body over the years to others who want to heal. It is a journey to wellness that can be exciting, full of empowering and wonderful emotions, has its ups and downs but offers an opportunity to bring back a life full of joy and happiness. Chronic pain and discomfort can rob us of our zest for life.

The body heals itself. We facilitate and provide the foundation for that healing through our healing therapies such as Shiatsu Massage, Nutritional Healing Programs, Energy Clearing and Balancing in order to bring the body back into harmony.

Exercise is a very important part of the puzzle. Our personalized rehabilitation and fitness programs in our beautiful Morning Room are the perfect place to explore our mind body connection and strengthen our bodies.

We live in a medical world of ‘quick’ fixes and symptom management but rarely find a way to truly get well. Searching for answers and frustrated with the ‘dartboard’ approach to finding solutions she embarked on her own search for her son and herself. Her own illness struggling with severe Eczema and sense that her health was failing, she has used this knowledge to heal herself.

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