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Why Functional Movement Isn't Functional

Have you ever looked around you in a gym and wondered why everyone can squat so low or been in yoga and wondered why everyone can get their legs behind their head? No matter how hard you try to pull your leg up or push your body down, you have just never been able to achieve what others are doing? you go on Youtube and look for stretching videos or functional movement exercises and try that for a while give up because it's going nowhere and even those exercises don't seem to be doing anything. 

ME TOO. It's so ****ing frustrating. Excuse my language. 

What if I told you that functional movement, Yoga and even Pilates require a certain amount of movement ALREADY to be able to practice them. 

What if you can't sit in a child pose? Is pushing yourself down really going to get you there? No. 

Phew, isn't that a relief? We're not broken! The fitness modalities just aren't meant to increase our movement patterns that like. 

Here's why; Your joints are stuck. 

When do you ever work on joint mobility? My answer a couple years ago was..."never" and then "how do you even do that?".

The easy answer is by focusing on all the possible joint directions and adding strength to your flexibility training. 

We practice this technique called PAILS and RAILS which was created for the Functional Range Systems by Dr. Andreo Spina. 

It essentially means we go to the end range of your joint and slowly/safely increase the amount of load you're placing on that joint both by pushing out of the stretch and into the stretch. This tells your nervous system it's safe to move deeper because you have control of that range and won't injure yourself. I picture it like a sticky key in the door you have to wiggle from side to side to finally get to unlock.'ve increased your mobility of that joint. It may not be complicated, but it is difficult! 


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