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Some love from our empowered clients

Our clients are our family and we love our unique relationships with each one of them. We welcome you to join our tribe and rebalance.

“Wish me luck finding someone as skilled as you in Saskatoon to keep my body moving forward!!!”


“I wish I was so rich that I could bring you with us for an all inclusive trip for you to do as you wish and we’d get one class a day from you! Ahhh, to dream! ”


“Everyone needs a life coach. At a time when I needed help, the universe sent me Mary. We were playing tennis together in early summer and I complained to Mary about various health issues some of which seemed related to the aging process and worried me the most. Mary was empathetic and encouraging and gave me hope and assurance that her program of diet and exercise could improve my health. She was right. Now I feel better and more confident.”


“I had 15 months of treatments for breast cancer which made me feel heavy, tired, and occasionally light headed. I also had both hips replaced and though the surgery was a total success, I didn’t demand anything from my hips other than walking. I was off balance, slow, muscles tight, joints stiff. Within weeks, Mary had me feeling younger, lighter, happier. Each session was tailored specifically for me. She knew when to challenge me and how much. I am stronger, my balance and posture has improved, I feel so much better. Thank you!”


“Yours is the very best training I have ever experienced and I have been working with professional trainers on and off since 1994.”

Pat E.

“I had a rough first ride on my horse on Monday - pain in spine, neck and right leg - Just like last year. She had some observations during our session that I would take with me on my next ride. The message is...I had a wonderful ride!”


“I enjoyed my session with you. I like the way you were personally connecting with me. I like the way you were encouraging with me. I left with positive feelings about my progress. Suzanne helped me to do some of the exercises…my home work. I am looking forward to Monday morning with a session with you. Thank you.”


“This is all by way of saying that (even when I am down with an infection) I am very glad you are guiding and encouraging my fitness program. I have followed a variety of fitness programs since I was struggling with inflammatory arthritis in the 90s, and many of these programs were effective (or I might still be battling an aggressive form of arthritis). But your program, for me now, is the best. I enjoy the workouts, and I like knowing more about the “why” and perhaps most of all, I enjoy your instruction, your encouragement and your friendship. Thank you.”


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