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Can you pass the Sit Down, Stand Up test?

Can You Pass the Sit Down, Stand Up Test?

THE GOAL: To sit on the floor, then stand up without using your hands, knees or arms. HINT: Try crossing your legs 😉 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This exercise requires flexibility, balance, motor coordination, and, most importantly, ample muscle power relative to body weight. This exercise is important as it...
4 Minute Workout

The 4 Minute Workout

Don't have time for a full workout? Sitting all day? Want to get the same results as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) in 4 minutes? Here is the quickest way to stop age related muscle decay. It takes just 4 minutes and can change the trajectory of your health!...
The Connection Between Posture & Breath

The Connection Between Posture & Breath

Bad sitting posture with lumbar spine curled forward. Respiratory issues; could they be connected to our posture? Good or poor breathing habits affect every aspect of our bodies functions, from our nervous system to our digestive efficiency. I want to introduce you to a muscle all...

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