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Private Coaching Programs


Still having trouble navigating your health and looking for some 1:1 help?

Our Nutritionist, Functional Movement Specialists and Life Coaches would be happy to assist you.

Your personalized coching will include

Weekly Check Ins

Your weekly check ins will be built into our schedule and your spot will be held every week. 

The check ins will be held through Zoom. 

During your check in we may be moving, educating or just checking on your progress! 

Personalized Programs

Chronic pain? Inflammation? Muscle weakness? Weight loss? 

These are just some of the reasons our clients entrust us to build personalized programs for them. 

Whether you are dealing with movement, nutrition or lifestyle issues, we can build a program that compliments your lifestyle and moves you towards freedom in your body.

Daily Tasks

Receive daily tasks based on your personal goals. 

Your coach will be able to track your progress and keep you accountable! 


Personal Communication with your Coach

Got questions for your coach? 

Use the built in messaging service through the TotalWellBeing app. 

Your coach will be able to address your questions in the weekly check ins. 

Universal Access

Access your program from anywhere in the world with the TotalWellBeing app.

We look forward to guiding you in your journey to TotalWellBeing.

You MUST be subscribed to unlock the private coaching programs. We use the information from your testing to help build a personalized program.

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our personal programs

Getting Started

  • Test every 6 months
  • 2 tests per year
  • Unlock private coaching

$40 / Month

Wellness Builder

  • Test every 4 months
  • 3 tests per year
  • Unlock private coaching

$75 / Month

Total Wellness

  • Test every 3 months
  • 4 tests per year
  • Unlock private coaching

$100 / Month